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What is shakebox?

shakebox digitizes users travel planning and is the first marketplace for tour operators at the same time. Customers can individualize their trips or create their own round trips with a digital tool provided by shakebox. Therefore, they use the content of hotels, countries and places from our database. We forward the inquiries to your reservation team or book directly via your website, hotel plattforms or tour operators. So, we are the technical interface between you and global tour operators as well as customers.


The content management system is very easy to use via desktop and mobile


Constant further development of the UX and UI ensure higher conversion and customer satisfaction


Save your hotel details in a few minutes. Changes are possible at any time


Benefit from our social media and performance marketing and make your hotel even better known

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register your accommodation in our database for free. Store images, descriptions, attributes and mark your relevant target groups.

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Win not only end customers but also tour operators. Different tour operators from all over the world will become part of the community and will use your hotel content to create their tours.

Reach out to the clients of tomorrow

Our clients are between 20 and 45 years old and they are all very travel-savvy! Millennials or Generation Z are tomorrow's customers. There are only a few travel companies responding to the needs of this target group like shakebox does.

A user-friendly product

The content management system is very easy to use and can be used via desktop and mobile. We are constantly developing the system.

Free online marketing

shakebox is becoming more and more popular every day. The awareness of your property will steadily grow! Valuable clicks that you would have to pay for on other channels!

Interface to global organizers

Your hotel will be visible to countless tour operators around the world via shakebox. These organizers integrate your accommodation into their round trips and thus digitize the travel planning. Get more bookings from travel specialists.

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...shakebox Content Cloud!

Our search engine finds your hotel content for suitable keywords, attributes and semantic inputs. This guarantees an extremely high hit rate for search entries that may match your hotel and thus a high number of views. Customers, tour operators and shakebox integrate your accommodation for individual round trips, packaged tours or just hotel night bookings only.

Which content I can upload on shakebox?




Room categories

and many more...

High quality content is the key to success. With our own and highly developed software, you can create high-quality content in a few minutes. You can save all the important information about your hotel with just a few clicks. You can change or delete your content at any time. Our development never stands still in order to offer you even more possibilities from time to time.

Who can use my content?


Tour Operators


We and global tour operators use your content to create and sell individual tours. Roundtrips are marketed and sold via our search engine. Customers can save your hotel in their own profile, share it or directly request a roundtrip including your hotel. In the future, customers will also be able to put together their own round trips using our trip planner and book them via shakebox. Via saved hotels and trips, travelers can search and find each other and travel together. Become part of a huge social travel network!